DANCEmandala School of Moving Stillness Meditation

Enhance inner/outer connections with somatics, embodiment, and creativity in dance and expression

Welcome to the DANCEmandala School of Moving Stillness Meditation! 

We're here to co-create a thriving community of good friends and foster connections, inspiration, joy, growth, harmony, creativity, and well-being.

When you join the DANCEmandala School of Moving Stillness today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Free and interactive DANCEmandala Live Online: Members are invited to join in on dance mandala sessions facilitated through video calls. This provides an outlet for expressing oneself, inspires creative movements, and fosters a sense of belonging amongst fellow dancers of life. 
  • DANCEmandala Facilitator Courses: Users can enroll in a live (online), interactive, and self-paced course that provides structured learning under the supervision of experienced and qualified instructors.
  • Wellness and Harmony Events: Attend our community events that combine dance, healing rituals, and joy-inducing activities. This is a therapeutic avenue for dance and wellness enthusiasts providing physical, emotional, and mental benefits while encouraging community spirit.